Agricola 5-6 Player Extension

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This extension of Uwe Rosenberg’s enduring classic adds components
for two additional players, taking Agricola to 6 players for the first time
ever! This extension adds new cards to the game, and these cards
are tailored to the expanded player count, another first for the series.
The 17th century was not an easy time to be a farmer, so bring more

Note: Requires Agricola™ to play

15 fences (in two player colors)
4 stables (in two player colors)
5 people (in two player colors)
5 white sheep
3 brown cattle
10 wood
2 large farmyard boards
1 game board extension
6 Wood room/Field tiles
5-6 150-180 12+
8 Clay room/Stone room tiles
4 “1 food” markers
10 “5 food” markers
8 goods tiles for various goods (with begging markers on the back)
8 red “Major Improvement” cards
48 yellow “Occupation” cards
4 orange “Minor Improvement” cards
L deck promo cards
1 scoring pad
1 rulebook